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This is the Help-your-Self Practical Knowledge and Method to Success…Change Your Choices. Optimize Your Potential. Create a Life You Love!

Over 350 pages of knowledge, this guide is a collaboration of health and wellness coaching + holistic biohacking tips + a proven, actionable method that helps you become your very best you. This logical guide ditches the fluff and teaches you the science-backed Mind + Body Method to optimize your potential and (finally) get results, equipping you with the tools you need to be emPOWERed in today's fast-paced world, personally and professionally!

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"The Mind + Body Guide is the help-your-Self way to change your Life."

"KK leads a multi-disciplinary advisory and development company for successful, independent business owners."

"Stressed? Broke? Bored? Unhappy? Feeling stuck? KK Hart says get your FIT together!"

"KK helps founders go from passion to profit... turning their big ideas into an (even bigger) paycheck."

We do real world good with your investment...

This guide will help you to be more productive + emPOWERed:

  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Prioritzation techniques
  • Self-emPOWERment
  • Brain/Behavioral Science
  • Psychobiological tips
  • Overcoming burnout
  • Work-life balance
  • Delegation skills
  • Holistic growth hacks
  • The Mind+Body MVMT
  • Human Development





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More than just a book... this is a guide for everything you need to create a personalized action plan and growth roadmap designed to unlock your full potential!

What's inside? Be emPOWERed:

Breakthrough clarity that counts

This guide helps you get and remain unstuck using proven best practices, improving cognitive (brain) function, addressing issues with connection, un-learning deeply-rooted behaviors, and providing functional, holistic ways to improve your mindset and ultimately change your life!

You are the one who can change your life

The Mind + Body Method detailed in the Guide is a shift from simply being a self-help book to a purpose-driven human performance optimization manual. It’s equal parts easy-to-understand brain and behavioral education and actionable advice, providing a methodical, straightforward path to optimize your potential and ultimately any and every aspect of your life!

Unlock your brain and body power

Learn the science of your brain and body to change your mindset, habits, or behaviors through easy-to-implement tactics and tips to retrain and rewire your innermost mind and body functions, really!

There is a Science to Being Better...

This Guide Helps You Grow!

Get Unstuck: Ditch limiting beliefs and bad habits using proven tactics to retrain your mind and body... and get tactics that work for YOU (and those you care about)!

Brain Health + Behavioral Science + Biohacks = Success: Learn the science of the "inner Self" and change your mindset, while moving forward with actionable steps to (finally) reach your full potential!

Flow, Not Force: Ignite your passion by taking inspiration from wholesome straight talk, step-by-step recommendations, and a guide that’s written with a choose-your-own-adventure approach to your success.

Holistic, Functional Hacks: KK provides the insights of an expert with the no-nonsense advice of a BFF who wants to see you reach peak performance and productivity, fast!

Real Talk, Real Results: Learn the secret strategies used by top 10% achievers (and snag them for yourself!) If you're a parent, partner, or colleague who wants to be your best Self, help your people, and make a difference... this is for YOU!





Snag 15% off and FREE Shipping & Handling!

This guide is for you if:

You're ready to move from focusing on #goals to achieving real results and GROWTH (without burning out, selling your soul, or getting overwhelmed).

You’ve been overlooking your mind and body and have yet to harness their power for your growth.

You're tired of feeling drained and unsure- it's time to find your flow and ignite your passion!

You're a parent, partner, or colleague who wants to be your best self, help your people and make a difference.

Meet the Expert

KK Hart, MHA

Your As-Seen-On-TV expert and coach who's helped the best and brightest overcome their biggest hurdles, partnered with clients of Tony Robbins, shared a stage with Deepak Chopra, Jillian Michaels, Arianna Huffington, and learned from celebrity brain specialist Dr. Daniel Amen, while featured in Forbes, Women's Health, HuffPost, TED, and Nasdaq.

Whether working in or with health and wellness focused, tech-driven companies such as household names like MINDBODY, ClassPass, Lilly, Pure Barre, F45 Training, Meta, and Google, or heart-leading, independent business owners, founders and brands, KK is known as a modern-day influence who practices what she preaches with a no-fluff, methodical, straightforward process to optimize your potential and ultimately any and every aspect of your life!

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